In Stock & Ready to Ship: Huge Inventory of Quattroflow Parts & Pumps


Quattroflow ™ quaternary diaphragm pumps protect sensitive biological media better than competing alternatives. Contact a sales representative today to order the Quattroflow parts, chambers and pumps you need for your specific application.

Immediate shipment on all parts, 1-3 week shipment on pumps and custom orders. 

Compared to peristaltic pumps, Quattroflow pumps:

  • Provide sterile fluid transfer for the pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotech industries that is efficient, consistent and gentle enough for delicate media.
  • Create superior transfer of critical biological fluids with low-shear, low-slip and low-pulsation performance inspired by the human heart.
  • Utilize single-use positive displacement pump technology that reduces maintenance costs, improves purification yields and optimizes speed to market.
  • Have no mechanical shaft seal or wetted rotating parts, which eliminates the possibility of contamination caused by particle generation.

Click here to learn more about how Quattroflow pumps can streamline your application, and click here to watch our video about how a quaternary diaphragm pump works.

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