Quattroflow Introduces Single-Use Pump Chamber with CPC™ AseptiQuik® Connector

The new QF1200SU-XAQ Gamma-Irradiated Single-Use Pump Chamber with CPC™ (Colder Products Company) AseptiQuik® Connector from Quattroflow™ Fluid Systems enables pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes to quickly, easily and safely integrate a new single-use pump chamber into a process’s flow path.

The pump chambers are preassembled with aseptic connectors, double-bagged and then gamma-irradiated. This allows the irradiated chambers to quickly and easily integrate under aseptic conditions into the flow path during manufacturing processes. By using the AseptiQuik connectors, a maximum pressure of 3 barg can be applied.

The new pump chambers are designed for use in sterile-manufacturing applications including filtration (Tangential Flow Filtration), chromatography, feeding pump, virus filtration and sterile filtration. As a single-use component, the gamma-irradiated pump chamber eliminates the opportunity for cross contamination and the need to attain cleaning validation, enabling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers to process products more efficiently. The pump chamber’s user-friendly design facilitates expeditious replacement during product changeovers.

The pump chamber’s four-piston technology delivers low pulsation for gentle product handling. The pump chamber produces no particle generation and offers linear flow characteristics. The pump chamber is self-priming and safely operates under dry-run conditions.

To learn more, please call (252) 246-1089 or visit www.4tpe.com.

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