Quattroflow™ Introduces New Single- and Multi-Use Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps

Quattroflow is introducing three new quaternary diaphragm pumps for biopharmaceutical applications: the single-use QF20KSU, and the new Quattroflow QF1200-HT single- and multi-use pumps. Like Quattroflow’s other quaternary pumps, these new self-priming pumps provide extremely gentle transfer of shear-sensitive products and virtually eliminate particle generation and heat degradation.

QF20KSU for Faster Speed-to-Market

Quattroflow’s new QF20KSU single-use pump features disposable polypropylene wetted pump chambers, which can be easily and quickly replaced as a complete unit between batches. This eliminates sterilization, lowers cross-product contamination risk and reduces downtime. The QF20KSU helps drive production and optimize speed-to-market. The QF20KSU features flow rates of 53 – 4,227 gph (200 – 16,000 lph), 2 inch (51 mm) connections, and autoclave and gamma irradiation capabilities.

QF1200-HT for Controlled Flow Rates

Quattroflow’s QF1200-HT single- and multi-use pumps feature a high turn down ratio for extremely precise accuracy in controlling flow rates. Their versatile compact design provides a high performance plug-and-play solution for applications requiring precision flow control, quick batch changes and a small footprint. The QF1200-HT offers flow rates of 1.6 – 317 gph (6 – 1,200 lph) and 3/4-inch (19 mm) connections.

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