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Triangle Process Equipment offers an extensive catalog of quality sanitary process equipment developed to meet the exact needs of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Food Beverage and Brewing, and Cosmetics industries.

Preventing cross-batch and cross-product contamination and ensuring hygienic manufacturing conditions is essential to the success of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food processing and beverage manufacturing companies. Triangle Process Equipment provides fully traceable records upon request, enabling industrial processing manufacturers to meet strict regulatory requirements of the USDA, FDA and other governmental agencies.

Purity One Single-Use Solutions

Purity One designs and manufactures single-use and custom hose solutions that are critical to improving quality of life and overall wellness for people all around the world. With our combined technical expertise and cleanroom assembly capabilities, we focus on providing a level of service and quality-assurance that is unparalleled in the global life sciences, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceuticals industries.

The Purity One team is comprised of experienced high-purity process and engineering professionals. Access to a broad range of product lines from top manufacturers means we don’t just recommend our products, we recommend the best possible solution for your specific application. Learn more>

  • Tubing, Manifold, and Pump Solutions

    Purity One

  • Bottle Solutions

    Purity One

  • Sampling Solutions

    Purity One

Single Use Instrumentation

Single-Use Instrumentation designed specifically for the sanitary market, always focusing on dependability, accuracy, and cleanability. Dependable instrumentation ensures our customers avoid product loss and reduce utility costs.
Our experts can help you choose the right instrumentation and measurement product to help ensure that you are meeting the performance, reliability, cleanability and sterilization requirements for your process.


  • PressureMAT® Sensor Monitor


  • On-Line UV & Turbidity


  • Conductivity Sensors & Monitor


Quick Connects & Disconnects

Aseptic connections for quick and easy connections between single-use bag systems, tube sets and/or stainless process equipment.

CPC’s quick disconnect couplings allow process engineers to confidently disconnect tubing and process lines without the risk of contamination. Automatic shutoff valves close the flow path aseptically, protecting valuable media while eliminating the need for pinch clamps and tube welders. These lightweight connectors can easily be integrated with single-use assemblies and meet all ADCF requirements.

  • Aseptic Connections

  • Quick Connect & Disconnect


Single-Use Manifolds and Assemblies

Our single-use molded manifolds, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and conductivity sensors provide a cost-effective solution to peristaltic pump tubing componentry. Our manifolds eliminate the need for barbed fittings. Our pressure sensors are qualified for up to 75 psi and are available in caustic resistant polysulfone. Rely on our temperature sensors for accurate monitoring of bioreactor, filtration and chromatography processes, filling operations and general processes. Our conductivity sensors require no calibration for quick and convenient start-up.

  • AdvantaPure Molded Manifolds

    Molded Manifolds