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Precision Fittings Ensure Leak-Proof Sanitary Processing

Triangle Process Equipment’s line of sanitary fittings meets or exceeds industry standards to ensure leak-proof performance for critical sanitary processing applications.

Stainless steel tubing fittings including clamp, bevel seat and butt weld fittings are manufactured to meet specific tolerance and finish standards, which enable quick and easy cleaning. Stainless steel crimp fittings for use with sanitary hose assemblies offer a finish of 15 Ra or better, can be sterilized and are backed by quality control documentation.

Clamp Fittings

Count on these stainless steel clamp fittings to provide secure connections while also facilitating quick and easy assembly and breakdown of process equipment that is used in the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, beverage and cosmetics industries. Offered in a variety of finishes and sizes, these fittings feature quality welding to ensure parts uniformity and leak-proof performance.



  • Top Line Clamp


    Steel & O'Brien -Clamp

  • VNE Heavy Duty Clamp

    Heavy Duty Clamp


  • 3 Segment Clamp


Sanitary Fittings

Our stainless steel sanitary fittings are offered in a variety of finishes, sizes and shapes (tees, ells, bends and more) that enable reliable and thorough cleaning for the processing needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, dairy, beverage and cosmetics industries. Our line of process equipment fittings includes Tri-Clover biopharm, BioClean BPE, bevel seat, butt weld, tube O.D., weld, O.D. weld and E-line. Precision welding supports system rigidity and ensures there are no fitting irregularities.



  • Alfa Laval Fittings


    Alfa Laval

  • VNE Weld



  • Top Line Bevel Seat

    Bevel Seat

    Steel & O'Brien-Sanitary


Triangle Process Equipment offers a selection of specialty fittings such as corrosion-fighting stainless steel filters and strainers for the unique processing needs of the food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Constructed to be durable and enhance system performance, our specialty fittings are designed with easy installation and quickly cleaning in mind.

  • Top Line Jacketed Elbow

    Jacketed Elbow

    Steel & O'Brien-Specialty

  • Top Line Reducing Tee

    Reducing Tee

    Steel & O'Brien-Specialty