Preserve Powder Profits with Dry Link’s HCV

High-Containment Split-Butterfly Valves (HCV) from Dry Link eliminate spillage, contamination and unsafe transfer of expensive and often hazardous powders used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotech and food processing.

Dry Link’s HCV features a split-butterfly valve, patented seal design and safety interlocks that prevent accidental powder releases during transfer. The HCV’s total containment prevents toxic materials from contaminating the atmosphere, equipment and workplace surfaces, which can lead to hazardous working conditions, exposure-related incidents and costly losses of expensive ingredients or product. The safety features are especially advantageous for pharmaceutical applications that process toxic active ingredients and must meet strict occupational exposure level limits.

The valves, which are 50 percent lighter than competing valves, are simple to operate. The HCVs consist of two components — a coupler and an adapter — that contain identical disk halves that rotate in unison to control flow. Flow is initiated by an easy-to-use lever on the coupler, while the valve’s safety interlocks prevent accidental separation of the coupler and adapter.

Available in SS316 and Hastelloy C materials with PTFE seals, the HCV’s can be polished to a 20 Ra mirror finish to minimize powders sticking to valve internals. The valves contain no dead spaces or crevices that could trap powders and contaminate product. Smooth bores on the coupler and adapter halves enable consistent flow.

Watch this video on Triangle’s YouTube channel to learn more about Dry Link’s HCV for Powders.

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