PCM’s Dosys™ Pump Technology Provides Efficient, Consistent Ingredient Dosing for Large and Small Production Runs

Many traditional dosing systems that add ingredients to food manufacturing operations also, unfortunately, drain profit margins in the process. Triangle Process Equipment partner PCM provides dosing pump technology that not only maintains ingredient integrity, it supports a lean manufacturing process.

Reduce Incremental Losses

Conventional dosing systems waste costly ingredients due to inaccurate dosing, product changeovers and process stoppages needed for pump priming and cleaning. This is especially challenging for manufacturers who have smaller production runs, as frequent changeover increases both labor costs and product waste.

As the food industry grows increasingly competitive, manufacturers must find ways to improve margins and maintain product quality ­– from the first batch to the last. Dosys™ Pump Technology from PCM enables ingredient dosing that is efficient and consistent for both big and small production runs.

PCM’s Dosys pump technology minimizes product loss through “just-in-time” inline dosing. By adding the right amount of ingredients at the optimal moment in the production process, batch consistency is improved and ingredient waste is reduced. Engineered to provide accurate dosing of ingredients, the Dosys pump automatically synchronizes dosing volumes with the filling station, while the pump’s servo-driven piston and flow-control valve precisely meter ingredients.

In addition, the Dosys pump technology minimizes product loss during ingredient switchovers. When it comes time to change an ingredient, the piston-driven pump can push an ingredient out of the processing line in just a few strokes. This design reduces both the time needed to transition to a new ingredient and the amount of the ingredient that must be purged from the line to transition to a new ingredient. Because the Dosys pump is self-priming, regular pump maintenance and downtime are reduced. Designed for quick and easy cleaning, the pump offers CIP/SIP capabilities.

Versatile, Consistent Performer

The Dosys pump handles viscous products easily and will gently transfer ingredients with large semisolids (up to 48 mm) without damaging them. Unlike pumps that rely on rotating parts to transfer products, the Dosys’s piston-driven design enables solids to remain suspended in the liquid medium without creating emulsions or aeration. Operators can easily adjust the dosing volume by increasing or decreasing the frequency of the piston movement.

The Dosys Pump is at the heart of other PCM food processing systems, which include the Dosysfruit™ Sealed Container Station, Hopper Station and Additive Station. As a distributor of PCM products, Triangle Process Equipment partners with PCM to bring their pumping solutions to U.S. food manufacturers. To learn how PCMS’s Dosys Pump Technology can lower costs in your food manufacturing operation, please contact Triangle Process Equipment today.

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