Ingredients for Success: PCM Has Been Pioneering Innovative Pumping Solutions For Over 80 Years

As consumer preferences continue to trend toward high-quality ingredients in the food, dairy, cosmetics and personal care markets, PCM has committed to delivering the fluid-handling solutions manufacturers need to preserve product integrity, reduce losses and increase production.

PCM’s history of innovation began in 1932 when it was founded by the inventor of the progressive cavity pump, René Moineau. Today, PCM is a global supplier of pumping solutions that transfer and dose abrasive, fragile, viscous, corrosive, hot and heavy products in oil, gas, food, personal care and industrial applications.

With over 80 years of service to processing applications, PCM has excelled at providing innovative equipment solutions to complex fluid-transfer problems.

As a vertically integrated company, PCM engineers and manufactures its own progressive cavity pumps and components, which enables the OEM to deliver a wide range of solutions — from complete, turnkey food processing skids, to single-unit pumps and dynamic mixers.

“Manufacturers count on PCM pumps and mixers to solve complicated processing challenges, to streamline production and to provide consistent, reliable fluid transfer,” said Chad Phillips, PCM’s Eastern U.S. Sales Manager for Food and Industry.

To ensure that PCM is delivering the optimal solution for the unique needs of the end user’s application, PCM emphasizes a collaborative process with manufacturers and distributors to learn about their challenges — whether that means helping a company build a new line, introduce a new product to the market or work within tight equipment footprint limitations.

For many food processing and personal care manufacturers, PCM specializes in equipment solutions that not only streamline production, they reduce product losses.

PCM fluid transfer solutions eliminate the need for batch mixing, which increases production and decreases cleaning costs. PCM makes inline blending possible by efficiently and safely injecting ingredients into base products, which can be shear sensitive or highly abrasive, without compromising ingredient quality. For example, in a yogurt application, PCM pumps allow the fruit to be injected into the base product right before filling.

In addition, the gentle transfer capabilities of PCM systems enable the fruit pieces to be transferred as whole pieces, which reduces product waste that results from deteriorated ingredients.

“The product quality measures and inline efficiencies that are engineered into PCM systems easily save manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars per ingredient,” Phillips said.

For PCM, which recently introduced a new website, commitment to innovation, design and customer service are the key ingredients to their own success.

“Through our global presence, we are able to be true service partners for companies all over the world, from design and logistics to performance optimization and knowledge transfer,” Phillips said.

PCM’s global headquarters are located in France; the company’s U.S. headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. As a distributor of PCM products, Triangle Process Equipment partners with PCM to bring their pumping solutions to food or personal care manufacturers in the United States. To learn how PCM pumping technology can improve your operations, please contact Triangle Process Equipment today.