Improve Site Safety with Dry Link Couplings

Dry Link dry-disconnect hose couplings help promote safe, sanitary processing. By trapping fluids in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing lines before they have an opportunity to drip onto the ground — or in some applications, before they drip directly onto machine operators — they effectively help prevent slips, falls and exposure-related incidents.

In addition to reducing liability, the couplings help avoid costly clean-ups and preserve the maximum amount of product in a processing line. This makes the couplings the ideal connection solution for hazardous, high-viscosity, high-flow and hygienic applications. Dry Link’s couplings feature facing discs in the coupler and the adapter that discs swivel to open and close, keeping their faces completely dry throughout the production process. A safety interlock prevents accidental opening. Dry Link couplings are up to 50% lighter than comparable dry-disconnect couplings.

To learn more about Dry Link dry-disconnect couplings, visit Triangle Process Equipment’s Valves web page.

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