Graco Husky e-Series Pumps Offer Damage-Free Stalling and Low Pulsation

The feature-rich and energy-efficient Husky 1050e Electric Diaphragm Pumps from Triangle Process Equipment partner Graco are ideal for a variety of food, beverage, brewing and cosmetics applications that require low pulsation and a smooth fluid flow of low-to-medium viscosity materials in a pump constructed from all FDA-approved materials and elastometers. Additionally, they offer the unique and important ability to “deadhead” or stall the pump under pressure without damaging the pump.

The unit consists of a standard stainless-steel Graco 1″ diaphragm pump, a self-contained air compressor and an optional variable frequency drive controller with various settings that allows the user to set the flow rate or perform batch dispense on the fly. For increased efficiency, the brushless, single-phase, 120-volt motor is powered by the same line that powers the air compressor. This combination of 1050 diaphragm pump technology and an electric motor reduces energy consumption up to five times compared to traditional air-operated diaphragm pumps.

The heart of the unit is a patent-pending dual-diaphragm air charge center that delivers a continuous fluid stream with low pulsation and no initial surge. With this operation, the pump will stall against back pressure caused by clogged lines, or users can turn the discharge valve off and close the discharge line to stop the pump, with no adverse effects in either scenario. With a gear or rotary-lobe pump, this type of deadhead condition would cause a significant amount of metal-to-metal contact, which leads to seal failure and metal contaminants moving down the process system. The air charge center in the e-Series pumps eliminates these potentially catastrophic conditions.

Simplicity and capacity are other advantages of the Husky e-Series pumps over air-operated diaphragm pumps. Users can set the flow rate without a fluid regulator or any additional controls, and the pump can provide a flow rate of up to 40 gallons a minute depending on the viscosity of the fluid. Watch this video to learn more.

Contact us today to learn how Husky 1050e Electric Diaphragm Pumps from Graco can lower your energy and maintenance costs while eliminating or reducing pulsation from your process without hard-to-clean and expensive pulsation dampeners or surge tanks.

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