Fristam Sanitary Pumps and Mixers

Fristam Sanitary Pumps and Industrial Mixers Provide Consistent Fluid Transfer, Long-Lasting Performance

As a leading manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, mixers and blenders for food, beverage, brewing and bio-pharmaceutical applications, Fristam is known for constructing durable clean-in-place equipment that delivers consistent performance.

Fristam’s sanitary positive displacement pumps are designed to offer gentle product handling while preventing premature pump wear. Centrifugal pumps from Fristam are constructed to withstand more hydraulic shock and cavitation than competitors’ solutions. Fristam industrial mixers and blenders are engineered to mix products quickly and consistently. Fristam optimizes its pumps and mixers for CIP procedures, which help manufacturers quickly execute product changeovers and maintain strict sanitary protocols.

With headquarters in Germany and manufacturing facilities in Middleton, WI, Fristam fabricates pumps and industrial mixers that are engineered to minimize maintenance costs, downtime and energy consumption. Fristam’s centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps are designed by a team of in-house engineers and are machined to precise tolerances by experienced technicians. From its manufacturing location in the Midwest, Fristam is able to offer faster delivery times than many of its competitors, ensuring the maximum production output for the minimal amount of lead time.

Fristam Sanitary Positive Displacement Pumps Offer Gentle Transfer and Streamline CIP Processes

Fristam combines precision machining and innovative design to build sanitary positive displacement pumps that deliver gentle performance and a long service life. With circumferential piston, rotary lobe and helical rotary lobe PD pump options available, Fristam pumps streamline clean-in-place procedures and minimize maintenance.

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  • FKL Positive Displacement Pump

    FKL Positive Displacement Pump

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    • Large diameter shaft is stronger than most other competitors’ solutions
    • Unique balanced rotor design reduces rotor-to-housing contact to prevent premature pump wear
    • Because pump cover and rotors do not need to be removed for cleaning, the FKL enables “true CIP”
  • FL2 Positive Displacement Pump

    FL2 Positive Displacement Pump

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    • Low-slip bi-wing rotor maintains efficiency even on low viscosity products or when trimmed for high temperature
    • Simple timing reduces maintenance and minimizes the potential for rotor-to-rotor contact
    • Available in sizes from 3/4” to 4” to pump products with viscosities up to 100,000 cps at pressures up to 170 PSI
  • FL3 Positive Displacement Pump

    FL3 Positive Displacement Pump

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    • Helical tri-lobes reduce noise and virtually eliminate pulsation for gentle pumping
    • Pump is engineered to operate at high speeds to facilitate high transfer capacity and clean-in-place processes, with rotors in place
    • Eliminates the need for both a transfer and CIP pump, saving time and money
  • Fristam FDS Double Screw Pump

    Fristam FDS Double Screw Pump

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    • With the ability to pump viscosities of up to 1,000,000 cps and at speeds up to 3600 RPM, the FDS can successfully pump both high and low-viscosity mediums
    • Easily handles high differential pressures without overheating
    • Currently available in two sizes (FDS 2 and FDS 3), with the FDS 1 and FDS 4 coming soon

Fristam’s Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps Deliver Smooth, Reliable and Efficient Operation

Designed to provide a long service life, Fristam sanitary centrifugal pumps are constructed of heavy stainless steel materials and feature a unique internal seal engineered to provide years of performance. From standard duty to heavy duty, Fristam offers centrifugal pumps that drive production while streamlining energy costs, CIP processes and maintenance.

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  • FPR Centrifugal Pump

    FPR Centrifugal Pump

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    • Designed with a front-loading seal, the FPR allows the pump to be serviced in place without special tools
    • Pump shafts are designed to fit both single and double mechanical seal arrangements, reducing the number of shafts needed to stock for spare parts
    • Flow rates up to 2,000 gpm (7,570 lpm)
  • FP Centrifugal Pump

    FP Centrifugal Pump

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    • Heavy cast iron pedestal reduces noise and vibration while helping to dissipate heat for heavy-duty applications
    • Double mechanical seal option offers flexibility for vacuum withdrawal, aseptic processing, and abrasive products
    • Flow rates up to 900 gpm (3,400 lpm)
  • FPX Centrifugal Pump

    FPX Centrifugal Pump

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    • Standard duty pump delivers smooth, quiet operation for most conventional applications
    • Single internal seal uses the cooling and lubrication of the product to provide longer seal life
    • Flow rates up to 900 gpm (3,400 lpm)
  • FZX Sanitary Liquid-Ring Pump

    FZX Sanitary Liquid-Ring Pump

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    • Using a specially designed impeller and housing, FZX pumps maintain their prime when other pumps become air-bound
    • Reduces product waste, processing and CIP times, and water usage
    • Flow rates up to 400 gpm (1,515 lpm)

Fristam Industrial Mixers and Blenders Offer Improved Blending in Less Time

Fristam’s line of sanitary mixing equipment includes industrial mixers and blenders for powder induction, in-line blending and complete wet/dry blending. Mixers and blenders from Fristam improve product texture while reducing processing time. Engineered to minimize maintenance, Fristam’s sanitary mixing equipment is designed with continuous duty and efficient CIP processes in mind.

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  • FS Shear Blender

    FS Shear Blender

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    • Inline mixing enables products to be blended quickly
    • Rotor-stator design prevents lumps and masses in product, eliminating unblended product for improved product texture and consistent, repeatable results
    • Designed with a front-loading seal, the pump may be serviced in place
  • FSI Shear Pump

    FSI Shear Pump

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    • Integrated impeller provides high flow rates while still mixing product
    • Can also replace a pump and blender combination in many other processes, including finish/supplemental mixing
    • Designed with a front-loading seal, the pump may be serviced in place
  • Fristam Powder Mixer

    Fristam Powder Mixer

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    • Devours lumps, clumps, and fisheyes, efficiently blending wet and dry ingredients into a fluid stream for consistent batches
    • Quick blending dramatically reduces process times
    • Ergonomic design eliminates ladder climbing
  • Fristam Powder Mixer Pilot

    Fristam Powder Mixer Pilot

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    • This lab-sized model of Fristam’s Powder Mixer mixes batches as small as 5 gallons, enabling pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and personal care operations to scale up from R&D to commercial with the same system
    • High-intensity blending easily incorporates dextrose, sugar, Carbopol® and other powders to produce repeatable results for buffer solutions, syrups and other suspensions
    • Pump and blender system offers full CIP capabilities for dependable contamination prevention

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