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Article: Why Looking Beyond R-Values Yields Big Insulation Benefits

WHY LOOKING BEYOND R-VALUES YIELDS BIG INSULATION BENEFITS By Mike Rust – Global Development Manager – T-FIT® Ask most engineers how they measure the performance of thermal insulation and it’s almost certain they’ll reply, “Using the R-value, of course.” It’s an answer that’s virtually hard-wired into them. So it’s no surprise that “What’s the R-value?”… Read more »

New Product Line! T-FIT

  T-FIT is a high quality, high performance, long-lasting insulation solution. From start to finish, T-FIT makes insulation decisions easy. Installation is simple and straightforward, even when time and space are tight. The modular design of the insulating components makes maintenance inspections a simple ‘open and close’ operation. And with a decade and more of… Read more »

Engineered to Quickly and Consistently Mix Products

  Fristam’s Powder Mixer outperforms traditional batch mixers and funnel pump combinations by offering rapid, high-performance blending of wet and dry ingredients. It’s high shear capabilities dramatically reduce process downtime and inefficiency, while yielding consistent product. The FZX Pump and Shear Blender are an innovative pairing that “pull and blend” material to capably process even… Read more »

Simplify Fluid Transfer with Ace Sanitary’s Expertise, Speed, and Reliability

  Maintain the Highest Levels of Process Integrity and Product Quality As a leading manufacturer of premium hose solutions for the sanitary and ultra-pure manufacturing markets, Ace Sanitary’s products allow end users to maintain the highest levels of process integrity and product quality, protecting both their businesses and the consumers who rely on their products…. Read more »

Improve Product Texture While Reducing Processing Time with Fristam’s Powder Mixer

  Fristam’s Powder Mixer Streamlines Pharmaceutical Processing Poor powder mixing in pharmaceutical manufacturing equates to slowed production and lost revenue. With its rapid, high-performance blending of wet and dry ingredients into one fluid stream, the Fristam Powder Mixer outperforms traditional batch mixers and funnel pump combinations. The Powder Mixer’s high shear capabilities dramatically reduce process… Read more »