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Visit Triangle Process Equipment’s New Web Page to Learn How Fristam’s Sanitary Pumps and Blenders Can Streamline Operations

  Triangle Process Equipment is proud to introduce a new web page that showcases pumping and blending innovations from its OEM partner, Fristam. Known as a leading manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, mixers and blenders for food, beverage, brewing and bio-pharmaceutical applications, Fristam has a long history of providing innovative… Read more »

For Fast Blending, Try Fristam’s Powder Mixer

The Powder Mixer from Fristam Pumps® delivers high-performance and quick blending of wet and dry ingredients. Specifically manufactured to suit a variety of applications, the Powder Mixer features an FZX Pump with 5 to 60 HP and an FS Shear Blender that can deliver 15 to 75 HP. The FS Shear Blender’s intermeshed system of rotating teeth and stationary teeth disperses clumps and… Read more »