Building Customer Value Through Quality Craftsmanship and Fast Deliveries

For over 40 years Enerquip LLC has paired a commitment to craftsmanship with a Midwestern work ethic to provide custom shell and tube heat exchangers in about half the time of the industry average — a real asset for operations facing tight project deadlines.

Serving the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial markets, Enerquip bucks the “one-size-fits-all” trend to deliver solutions that fit the space, operational, maintenance, energy and utility needs of its customers. Even if customers already have a size in mind for their heat exchanger, the Medford, Wisconsin-based heat exchanger fabricator runs a sizing model to confirm the unit will work in the actual application.

“We’ve saved customers some heartburn by preventing them from installing a piece of equipment that ultimately would not function properly,” said Ron Herman, Enerquip’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Enerquip has built heat exchangers as big as 4 feet in diameter and 40 feet long and as small as the size of a loaf of bread, as well as high-temperature (1,000°F) and high-pressure units (1,300 PSI). All Enerquip heat exchangers are ASME code stamped.

But it’s Enerquip’s ability to quickly take a custom heat exchanger from concept to completion that has made the manufacturer a leading supplier of heat exchangers in the sanitary and industrial markets. The company recently installed a custom unit for a pharmaceutical operation in Missouri that had forgotten to order a heat exchanger. Typical lead times for a similar project require 8 to 10 weeks. Enerquip worked up a quotation and sizing model within the hour. When the traditional purchase order process was going to slow progress, Enerquip moved the project forward with just a handshake agreement.

“We did in three to four weeks what normally takes eight to 10 weeks to do,” Herman said.

To learn more about Enerquip’s custom shell and tube heat exchangers, please visit Triangle Process Equipment’s website.

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