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Our Vendors Provide Industry-Leading Sanitary Processing Equipment

Pharmaceutical processing and cosmetic manufacturing companies rely on Triangle Process Equipment to deliver solutions that guarantee hygienic and sterile processing conditions. Food processing and beverage manufacturing companies need assurance of contamination prevention. With so much at stake for our sanitary processing customers, we make it a point to only align with trusted, reputable manufacturers.

For this reason, we are committed to fostering positive relationships with industry-leading sanitary process equipment vendors.

Triangle Process Equipment works with suppliers to learn their products, inside and out. This enables our sales representatives to approach your industrial processing needs as experts and provide highly informative consultations and specialized sanitary process solutions. As long-term business partners, we know we can count on our process equipment manufacturers to provide consistent pricing, uphold project timelines and facilitate quick and unusual requests. At Triangle, we know that our vendors truly provide the foundation for our superior customer service.

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MilliporeSigma offers the broadest portfolios in the industry for scientists, best-in-class products for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and a fully integrated service organization to support CDMO and contract testing across traditional and novel modalities.   Learn more >



Quattroflow pumps serve a wide variety of biotech and pharmaceutical processing systems. Stainless steel diaphragm pumps are designed to be easily drained and highly cleanable. Disposable quaternary diaphragm pumps are assembled in controlled and clean conditions. Cost-effective molded polyethylene chambers and a wide range of flow rates are available.    Learn more >



Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates groundbreaking state of the art technologies into every instrument. We have developed a range of products to improve single-use biopharmaceutical manufacturing techniques.    Learn more >



SaniSure® is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of single-use systems and components for drug and vaccine manufacturing and other biotech applications. Our core manufacturing capabilities include injection molding, cleanroom assembly, tubing extrusion, injection-stretch blow molding, fabrication, & other proprietary technologies.   Learn more >



T-FIT is a high quality, high performance, long-lasting insulation solution. From start to finish, T-FIT makes insulation decisions easy. Installation is simple and straightforward, even when time and space are tight. The modular design of the insulating components makes maintenance inspections a simple ‘open and close’ operation. And with a decade and more of active service ahead, the investment is easy to justify.   Learn more >


Ace Sanitary

As a leading manufacturer of premium hose solutions for the sanitary and ultra-pure manufacturing markets, Ace Sanitary’s products allow end users to maintain the highest levels of process integrity and product quality, protecting both their businesses and the consumers who rely on their products.    Learn more >



CPC provides aseptic connections and disconnections for quick and easy connections between single-use bag systems, tube sets and/or stainless process equipment. You can chose from thousands of standard product options and the ability to customize for your needs whether you’re looking for non-valved, dripless or sterile connections.   Learn more >


Purity One

Purity One™ designs and manufactures single-use solutions and high-purity custom assemblies, hoses, fittings, filters and pumps that are critical to improving quality of life and overall wellness for people all around the world. With unmatched reliability and shorter lead times, expert-driven specification, large inventory and cleanroom assembly capabilities, Purity One focuses on providing a level of service and quality-assurance that is unparalleled in the global life sciences, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceuticals industries.    Learn more >



em-tec offers ideal solutions for contact- free flow measurement on a laboratory scale and for industrial applications in bioprocess technology. Products are specifically developed to meet the strict, hygienic requirements of critical applications.    Learn more >


LJ Star

LJ Star is a manufacturer of equipment for the processing industry. LJ Star specializes in process observation equipment including sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, and level gage instrumentation.   Learn more >



Gemü is a leading worldwide manufacturer of high-quality valves, measurement and control
systems, automation components and other piping products. The company offers innovative and
customized solutions for distribution and dosing applications in chemical process technology and
microelectronics industries, and is a leader for sterile applications in the pharmaceutical and
biotechnology industries.   Learn more >



Fristam offers a robust line of pumps for applications in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries. From economical centrifugal pumps and gentle positive displacement pumps, to shearpumps with extremely high flow rates and powder mixers that ensure uniform homogenizing, Fristam’s hygienic pumps are designed to safeguard the integrity of your product.    Learn more >



Techniserv Inc. provides process and automation solutions to applications in the pharmaceutical,
biotech, food and fine chemicals industries. The company’s product offerings include bioreactors
and fermentors ranging from standard autoclavable glass through large scale custom modular
systems, turn-key process skids as well as complete process suites, and control platforms ranging
from traditional to complex.   Learn more >


Fluid Line Technology

Fluid Line Technology is a manufacturer of a variety of valve products to the Life Science market. They specialize in pinch valve products in both single and multiple use formats. Additionally, Fluid Line Technology has the cutting edge Quick Locking System for building lightweight, Class VI plastic piping and instrumentation systems.    Learn more >



From peanut butter to mascara, Graco’s line of sanitary pumps capably transfer hard-to-handle products for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cosmetics applications. Husky diaphragm pumps include the low-maintenance air valve system that Graco is known for, while Graco’s piston pumps can accommodate viscosities up to 1 million cps.   Learn more >


Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive selection of heat transfer and fluid-handling equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries. From heat exchangers that minimize downtime, to liquid ring pumps designed to handle liquids that contain air or gas, Alfa Laval offers a broad selection of specialized solutions including valves, fittings and tank accessories for the processing industry.    Learn more >


Steel & O’Brien

Serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, beverage, dairy and cosmetics industries, Steel & O'Brien supplies an extensive selection of sanitary stainless steel pumps and valves, hygienic valve actuators, fittings, flexible hoses and more. Their 3A sanitary centrifugal pumps are designed for light to intermediate duty and process services. Steel & O'Brien’s pumps are interchangeable with other manufacturers’ pumps.    Learn more >



Masterflex provides a line of positive-displacement type pumping systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and food and beverage industries. With Masterflex’s peristaltic pumps, the fluid being pumped remains in the pump tubing at all times, greatly reducing the opportunity for contamination. Pumps offer flow rates from 0.0005 ml/min to 37 lpm and eliminate the need for check valves.   Learn more >



Enerquip supplies both standard and custom sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers for the critical heating and cooling needs of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Enerquip’s stainless steel heat exchangers resist corrosion and are easy-to-clean. The manufacturer specializes in quick turn-around times, even for custom requests.    Learn more >



NewAge Industries’ AdvantaPure specializes in manufacturing silicon hoses, silicon tubing, pump tubing, biopharm TPE tubing, FEP hose, PTFE hose, EPDM hose and stainless steel sanitary fittings for hygienic and sterile applications. Serving the pharmaceutical, biomedical, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage and cosmetics industries, AdvantaPure offers clean room fabrication and fully traceable equipment documentation processes.    Learn more >



Lyco Manufacturing offers a line of heating and cooling and liquid-solid separation equipment for the food industry. Lyco’s temperature transferring equipment achieves uniform heating and cooling for maximum product integrity. Liquid-solid separation equipment specialties comprise several poultry processing tools, including a single-drum wastewater screen and streamline screen aimed to reduce water treatment costs.    Learn more >



Advanced Process Solutions specializes in tubular heat exchangers for the aseptic processing needs of food and beverage manufacturers. Ranging from a multi-tube heat exchanger for thin product processing, to a triple-tube heat exchanger designed for thick viscosities, APS offers a durable heat transfer solution for both particulate and non-particulate products.    Learn more >