AdvantaPass® Ensures Aseptic Transfer of Critical Fluids Between Clean Rooms

The patented AdvantaPass® system from AdvantaPure is a clean-room wall and bulkhead pass-through portal that has been designed to streamline the aseptic transfer of production fluids between the walls of pharmaceutical manufacturing suites.

The stainless-steel wall portal, which can manage multiple tubing apertures and purge ports, is the first of its kind to guarantee complete isolation between different classes of clean rooms when transferring multiple lines of fluid from various types of sanitary pharmaceutical processing equipment. The result is a safe, secure, easy and efficient way to move large volumes of fluids from clean-room equipment in one room to another without the risk of bin and tote breakage, fluid spillage or contamination.

In addition to being a completely self-contained fluid-transfer system that can accommodate varying wall thicknesses, the AdvantaPass offers its users the benefit of disposable single-use components, which eliminates the need to clean, sterilize and validate traditional sanitary pharmaceutical-processing equipment which uses hard-piping transfer lines. This capability reduces operating expenses by minimizing the time, labor and resources required for traditional sterilization and validation processes.

AdvantaPass features 316L stainless steel on all portal assemblies, end caps and hygienic union clamps with single-use tubing, gaskets, seals and isolator assemblies incorporated for fluid-transfer processes. AdvantaPass is offered in standard sizes up to 6 inches in diameter with larger customized sizes available upon request. AdvantaPass can also be configured as a floor-to-ceiling pass-through portal. This clean room equipment can be installed during new construction projects, or retrofitted into existing facilities. No welding is required, and assembly and disassembly of the system may be completed in just minutes to ensure minimal downtime. Watch this video to learn more.

Contact us today to discuss how AdvantaPass clean-room pass-through technology will eliminate contamination concerns while minimizing maintenance and sterilization costs in your pharmaceutical processing application, or to learn about additional sanitary pharmaceutical processing equipment solutions.